Japademy vs Aitas - Which is the best Japanese language school in Toronto?

May 27, 2023

In this article, we will talk about two of the most popular Japanese language schools in Toronto which are Japademy Japanese School and Aitas Japanese Immersion School. We are going to compare these two Japanese schools in greater detail to assist you in determining which is the best Japanese language school in Toronto. Let's get started!

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the most multicultural ones in the country. As people are open-minded when it comes to learning about other cultures, there is a high demand for Japanese language education. This factor has resulted in some Japanese language schools being established in Toronto several decades ago as well as very recently.


Choosing the best Japanese language school can be challenging because you have to consider different factors.

First, you have to look at the reputation of the school and research what other people have said about their experiences.

Second, you have to consider the instructors. You have to make sure they are qualified and experienced enough in teaching Japanese.

Third, you have to look at the curriculum and make sure it is comprehensive, up-to-date, and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Fourth, you have to find out what the class sizes are like because smaller classes tend to be more effective for learning Japanese. Finally, you have to make sure that the cost of the school is within your budget.

What is Japademy Japanese Language School?

Japanese Lesson in Toronto with Japademy
Photo of Japanese lesson at Japademy (source: japademy.com)

Japademy is a Japanese language school located in The Village Hive, Unit 2, Duncan Mill Road, North York, Ontario M3B3M4. The school offers free parking for enrolled students and its location has easy TCC bus access. At Japademy, they provide a range of classes and courses to aid students in learning Japanese, ranging from beginner classes to advanced-level courses.

The school offers Japanese Classes in Toronto for people who live in the city, Japanese Online Group Lessons ideal for students that prefer to learn from home anywhere in North America, and Japanese Online Private lessons that are offered to students in intermediate to advanced levels. At Japademy, their goal is to help students gain proficiency in the Japanese language and to develop a strong understanding of Japanese culture.

What is Aitas Japanese Immersion School?

Japanese Lesson in Toronto
Photo of Aitas class (source: aitas.ca)

Aitas Japanese Immersion School is a Japanese language school located at 180 Bloor Street West, Suite 1003, Toronto, Ontario M5S2V6. The Royal Ontario Museum, St. George Street, and Bay Street TTC subway stations are all conveniently close to their location. Aitas offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in both classroom and online settings. Additionally, they provide private lessons, special seminars, and cultural activities.

Japademy vs Aitas - Course Pricing


Japademy places a high priority on providing students with transparent and best-value lessons. As Japademy started as a purely online school, they are natively digital and this means that the school relies on modern ways to teach the Japanese language. As a result, Japademy's Japanese courses are both more affordable and engaging than traditional Japanese language schools.

Here is the price for their Japanese Classes in Toronto:

Course Fee
$429 CAD
Enrollment Fee
Materials Fee
Number of Lessons
Lesson Duration (mins)
Avg. Learning Cost

At $429, this is a reasonable price. It gets better when using their seasonal coupons or "early bird" discounts, giving you a discounted price of $399! Unlike other Japanese schools, there is no enrollment fee or materials fee. The course has a duration of 10 lessons, each lasting 105 minutes. The average learning cost at Japademy is $24 per hour, making it by a large margin the most affordable option to learn Japanese in Toronto.

Aitas Pricing

Aitas offers their In-Person Japanese Language Course based on the information below:

Course Fee
$450 CAD
Enrollment Fee
$50 CAD
Materials Fee
$30 CAD
Number of Lessons
Lesson Duration (mins)
Avg. Learning Cost

Aitas charges $450 for their group classes, which is just $21 more than Japademy, a small difference. However, adding up extra costs such as a $50 enrollment fee and a $30 materials fee, the cost goes up to $530. Considering that Aitas' course has a duration of only 8 lessons, each lasting 105 minutes, the hourly cost of learning in Aitas is $45 on average -about 87% more costly than Japademy-.

Japademy vs Aitas - Reputation & Reviews

Japademy and Aitas reviews on Google Maps
Japademy and Aitas reviews on Google Maps


At the time of writing this article, Japademy has a total of 11 reviews with a 5-star average rating on Google Maps. That is very impressive considering the school opened in Toronto just back on July 2022. Another good sign is that the school features student stories, some of which really show how much students appreciate having the chance to learn at Japademy and how much learning Japanese has meant to their lives.

Lastly, Japademy's social media are quite active with almost 2000 followers on their Instagram account. The quality of the learning content the school shares on the social network gives a hint of the quality of the learning material offered during their lessons.


Doing a similar analysis, Aitas currently has 17 reviews on Google Maps with a 4.9-star average rating. Although the reviews are very few for a business running as back as 2003, we cannot deny that students' feedback is incredibly positive. Although the school does not feature their students on their website, we could see on its Youtube channel a few videos of students sharing their testimonials about the school and these were positive too.

Japademy vs Aitas - Japanese Teachers

Japanese Teacher Kanami Iwasaki
Japanese Teacher Kanami Iwasaki


The school takes great pride in having a group of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable native Japanese teachers. Japademy's teachers focus on teaching the Japanese language and culture, and they are passionate and knowledgeable. It is common for students to provide positive feedback about the teachers they learn with. Finally, Japademy constantly provides further training to its teachers about how to create a supportive and welcoming learning environment for all students. If you want to know more about Japademy's Japanese teachers, just visit this link.


Aitas team of teachers is made of Kyoko Saita and Masa Saita. Having founded Aitas since back 2003, they have extensive experience teaching Japanese in Toronto. Kyoko became a professional Japanese instructor in 1994, worked as a trainer for other Japanese people interested in becoming instructors of the language, taught the language in Australia, and even became principal at a Japanese language school in London. She is a seasoned teacher capable of delivering great lessons to any student.

Japademy vs Aitas - Teaching Methodology

Japanese Language Lesson
Japanese Language Lesson (source: nihongo.connectenglish.jp)


Japademy uses an immersive and engaging teaching method to give students the best possible experience with learning the language. At Japademy, students follow a structured methodology in which for each lesson, they are introduced to a new topic or grammar and will have the chance to master it by practicing with the teacher and classmates. Another important element of Japademy's methodology is the continuous feedback teachers give to the students as well  encouragement to practice their new language skills in a variety of ways. Lastly, the school purposely limit their class sizes to up to 7 students per class to ensure a personalized learning experience.


At Aitas, they use the Direct Method in teaching the Japanese language. The Direct Method is where students learn in a classroom setting where Japanese is the only language spoken. This method is specifically designed to help students improve their practical Japanese communication skills.

Aitas is different from other Japanese language schools since most of them are using the Indirect Method. This method is where Japanese grammar is taught using a vehicular language such as English. Aitas prioritizes using the Direct Method as a way of teaching the Japanese language because the school believes that students will learn to communicate in Japanese at a much faster pace. Lastly, Aitas' class sizes are structured to have an average of 5 to 6 students.

Japademy vs Aitas - Lessons Flexibility

Photo of a person studying
Photo of a person studying (source: canva.com)


When it comes to flexibility, Japademy makes every effort to offer students flexible alternatives to learning Japanese. Japademy's Japanese Classes in Toronto are for students who live in the Greater Toronto Area. On the other hand, for those people who do not have the option to join this In-Person lessons, Japademy offers Japanese Online Group Lessons which are perfect for beginners located anywhere in the USA and Canada. Here, students are part of a small group of students learning online via Zoom. But that is not everything, for people who want an unique learning experience that fits their learning style and schedule, Japanese Online Private Lessons are also available.


Aitas offers a flexible scheduling system to its students. The school offers a variety of options for students to attend classes, including both online and in-person formats. Students can choose to attend classes on a regular or irregular schedule, or even take classes on a self-paced basis. Additionally, they offer a range of extra-curricular activities and workshops to help students stay interested and engaged in the language and culture of Japan. Lastly, Aitas is committed to providing a learning environment that is tailored to each student's individual needs.

Japademy vs Aitas - Extra Benefits

Japanese Video Courses
Japademy Japanese Video Courses


One of Japademy's believes is that mastering the Japanese language also happens before and after each lesson. That is why it provides additional learning content for its students to help them practice on their own time. The school provides 105 minutes lessons to students to make sure that they have sufficient time to practice the provided learning material. It also provides proprietary handouts, and practice flashcards.

Moreover, Japademy also provides FREE access to their Japanese Online Video Courses, helping students speed up their learning process. Similarly, the school has developed a Japanese Cultural Blog filled with useful articles on a variety of topics that will help you fuel your passion for Japanese culture and language.

Last but not least, Japademy gives their students a Course Completion Certificate for each level they progress through.


At Aitas, they offer several perks once you become their student. First, the schools offer travel support to Japan. If you are learning Japanese in preparation for an upcoming relocation or trip to Japan, Aitas will give you free access to information on travel agencies, accommodations, travel guidebooks, and key tourist attractions in Japan. In addition, you can expect to receive free access to information on Japanese language schools, colleges, universities, graduate schools, and available scholarships in Japan if you are planning to study in Japan.

Furthermore, Aitas organizes a language exchange club where students can practice their communication skills by mingling with native Japanese speakers. Lastly, the school provides informative newsletters, Japanese Kanji name-creation services, translation services, and reference letters.

Japademy vs Aitas - Final Verdict

Japademy vs Aitas - Which is the best Japanese language school in Toronto?
Illustration by Japademy

Choosing the best Japanese language school that will fit your needs can be a challenging task. Luckily, with Japademy and Aitas we have two amazing Japanese language schools in Toronto.

In terms of reputation, Aitas is a business running now for over 20 years, which is proof of its quality. On the other hand, in less than a year Japademy has gained lots of popularity with its modern approach to teaching the language.

When talking about Japanese teachers and teaching methodology, both schools are run by native Japanese instructors, but not only that, both have certified Japanese teachers, which elevate the quality of their courses to a different level when compared with other options available when searching for instructors.

Regarding extra benefits, with its FREE access to Online Video Courses, Japademy puts at the student's finger tips the best possible learning content out there, and at no cost. On the other hand, Aitas shows its value when it comes to helping students make their move to Japan.

Last but not least, pricing. Although money may not be an issue for some, Japademy with its average learning cost of $24/h compared to Aitas average learning cost of $45/h comes as a much better value-for-money option. In our opinion, it is too much of a difference to be overlooked.

Japanese Classes in Toronto

After reading this comparison, we hope you are motivated than ever before to start learning Japanese. At Japademy, we would love to help you getting started.

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