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Japanese Language Teachers

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We count with a group of professional and friendly Japanese teachers ready to help you out.
Japademy Teacher Kanami Iwasaki

Kanami Iwasaki

Japademy Founder
Based in Calgary, Canada
"Studying at Japademy is all about learning and having fun at the same time. Positive and enthusiastic lessons are essential to helping you learn Japanese."
Japademy Teacher Akane Morioka

Akane Morioka

Japademy Teacher
Based in Osaka, Japan
"I have experience in teaching Japanese at local schools in Osaka as well as online. My focus is about making students have fun and stay motivated during their learning process."
Japademy Teacher Eri Nishida

Eri Nishida

Japademy Teacher
Based in Kobe, Japan
"I have been teaching Japanese for 6 years ranging from the beginner to the advanced levels. I love learning about different cultures and expanding my perspective. I'm a believer that learning a language is all about having fun!"
Japademy Teacher Erina Arai

Erina Arai

Japademy Teacher
Based in Yokosuka, Japan
"I have 6 years of experience as a Japanese teacher in Japan. I have been teaching Japanese on site and online for private and group students. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!"
Japademy Teacher Haruka Makibatake

Haruka Makibatake

Japademy Teacher
Based in Ishikawa, Japan
"I have taught Japanese during the last 3 years focusing on daily conversations, grammar and JLPT. Let’s learn Japanese and talk together with fun. ♪"
Japademy Teacher Mai Uebo

Mai Uebo

Japademy Teacher
Based in Wakayama, Japan
"I have studied Japanese Education in my university. I have 8 years of experience as a Japanese teacher in Singapore and Japan. Now, I enjoy teaching at Japademy!"
Japademy Teacher Yumiko Minagishi

Yumiko Minagishi

Japademy Teacher
Based in Melbourne, Australia
"I am hardworking, reliable, and love teaching! Also, I have a Japanese culture workshop 'Origami and Calligraphy'."
Japademy Teacher Yuuka Sasaki

Yuuka Sasaki

Japademy Teacher
Based in Taipei, Taiwan
"I have taught Japanese to people from the ages of 4 years old to over 60 years old. I’m looking forward to meeting you and enjoy learning Japanese together. ^^"
Japademy Teacher Toshie Kijima

Toshie Kijima

Japademy Teacher
Based in Toronto, Canada
"Hello, I'm Toshie. I offer tailored instruction to help students overcome language barriers and build a strong foundation. Let's embark on an exciting journey to explore Japanese language and culture together!"

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