What motivated Ian to learn Japanese

Apr 26, 2023
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Having started studying at Japademy since August 2021, Ian has completed over 12 months learning Japanese. Despite his initial challenges to find a suitable teacher for his busy schedule, his motivation to visit Japan encouraged him to go ahead and master the language. Today, Ian shares with us his story learning Japanese.

What motivated you to start learning Japanese?

Visiting Japan.

Was it a hard decision to get started learning Japanese? (any doubts or constraints)

Yes, it was difficult to find a teacher that could fit into my schedule until I found Japademy.

How long have you been learning Japanese for?

1 year -at the time of this post, Ian has now been studying over 14 months with Japademy!-.

What is the most challenging thing about learning Japanese?

1. Kanji 2. Kanji 3. Kanji -We know what you mean Ian-.

What have you enjoyed the most while learning Japanese?

Being able to speak some Japanese with the teachers.

How do you keep motivated to continue learning?

Consuming Japanese content and being able to understand more and more words being used during my lessons.

What advice would you give to people who would like to learn Japanese but haven’t started?

The best thing about learning Japanese is the learning experience itself – so get started and have fun!

Are you planning to live or work in Japan in the future?

I would like to study Japanese in Japan at some time.

What is your favorite thing about Japan? (food, anime, history, etc.)

Everything, from the crazy busyness of Tokyo to the calm mountain Onsens. The atmosphere of the country is like nowhere else.

Why did you choose to learn Japanese with Japademy?

I chose to learn at Japademy because of the good teachers and online lessons that can fit my schedule.

Would you recommend Japademy to other people interested in learning Japanese? (yes or no, why?)

Yes I would, because you will definitely learn how to speak Japanese by studying with Japademy's lessons.

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