Jon's interest in Japanese design & aesthetics

Apr 26, 2023
Jon Photo

Discover about Jon's experiences as a Japanese language learner. While most people get interested in learning the language for travelling, working or anime purposes, Jon got captivated by the design and aesthetic principles of Japan. To be able to deepen his understanding of the culture, he became a Japademy student in 2020.

What motivated you to start learning Japanese?

I wanted to learn more about the Japanese culture and traditions.

Was it a hard decision to get started learning Japanese? (any doubts or constraints)

Yes, especially when you have a hectic work schedule. It is quite challenging to squeeze some time into studying -Jon has done very well to keep up with his studies after almost two years-.

How long have you been learning Japanese for?

More than 1 year -In fact, Jon joined Japademy in 2020 being one of our first students! :)-.

What is the most challenging thing about learning Japanese?

For me, at this stage of my journey, I would say is the construction of complex sentences.

What have you enjoyed the most while learning Japanese?

Learning how to read Hiragana and Katakana characters.

How do you keep motivated to continue learning?

I know that learning the language would help me understand more and better about the Japanese culture.

What advice would you give to people who would like to learn Japanese but haven’t started?

Just start and have fun. Learning a new language is challenging, but the teachers will guide and lead you to achieve your goals.

Are you planning to live or work in Japan in the future?

Yes -at Japademy we love when our students can eventually make their plans of living in Japan come true-.

What is your favorite thing about Japan? (food, anime, history, etc.)

For me it is the Architecture and Design. I am quite fascinated about the Japanese design principles and aesthetics.

Why did you choose to learn Japanese with Japademy?

Great teachers! I have studied with Kanami Sensei and Akane Sensei, they create a warm and friendly atmosphere, making learning super fun.

Would you recommend Japademy to other people interested in learning Japanese? (yes or no, why?)

Most definitely 😊

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