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Japanese Private Lessons

Course overview

Japademy offers 5-week online courses from Beginner to Intermediate levels, led by native Japanese teachers following a custom Japanese learning pathway. Each course consists of 10 lessons, held twice a week, each with a duration of 105 minutes.

Our courses are typically held between Mondays and Fridays, between 5.30pm ~ 7.15pm and 7.30pm ~ 9.15pm. These times are ideal for employees after a day of work.
Why this course

Reasons to join

Invest in the success of your foreign workforce and watch your company thrive. Our Japanese language training program empowers your employees, unlocking higher retention rates, smoother integration into the workplace culture, and ultimately, a more successful team.

Our engaging courses, led by native Japanese teachers, equip your employees with the communication skills they need to navigate daily life in Japan, build stronger relationships with colleagues, and excel in their roles.
About us

Introduction to Japademy

Japademy is an online Japanese language school specializing in delivering engaging lessons to English-speaking students worldwide. Our goal is to help students develop the necessary skills to learn the Japanese language and enjoy Japanese culture to the fullest.

Japademy counts with 10 native Japanese teachers, all trained under the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (日本語教師養成講座 420時間) and the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (日本語教育能力検定試験).

Since starting in 2020, we have delivered 12,000+ lessons, and helped over 1,500 students reach their Japanese language learning goals. Currently we help 300+ active students from countries such as Australia, Canada, and the US.
How it works

How to partner with us


Initial contact

Companies receive an email with details about upcoming courses available for pre-enrolment and questionnaires to help employees determine their current level of Japanese.


Expression of interest

Companies confirm the list of employees interested in joining a Japanese online course. Employee details include: name, email (company or personal), and selected course.


Employee enrolment

Japademy provides companies with a list of courses confirmed for enrolment as well as the number of their employees to be enrolled. Payment can be completed via the Japademy website or invoice.


Enrolment confirmation

Once payment is received, companies receive email confirmation about their employees’ enrolment. Additionally, employees receive by email all the details they need to join the course.


Report of progress

Upon course completion, companies receive progress reports, including employee attendance, lessons completion, course assessment scores, and teacher feedback.

Company benefits

Why companies
partner with us

Employee Retention
Providing language learning opportunities shows a commitment to employee development, which can boost morale and retention.
Employee Integration
Learning Japanese help foreign employees feel integrated and connected with their Japanese colleagues, fostering an inclusive workplace culture.
Employee Growth
Employees appreciate opportunities for personal and professional growth. Learning a new language is a valuable skill that benefits them in multiple ways.
Employee benefits

Why employees
learn with us

Day-to-Day Living
Foreign employees who speak Japanese can navigate daily life more easily, improving their overall quality of life and job satisfaction.
Employee Integration
Employees who understand Japanese can better appreciate and respect local customs and workplace norms, which can enhance overall harmony and cooperation.
Emergency Communication
In emergencies, being able to understand and communicate in Japanese can be crucial for safety and coordination.

Learn with native
Japanese teachers

Japademy Teacher Kanami Iwasaki
Kanami Iwasaki
Calgary, Canada

“Studying at Japademy is all about learning and having fun at the same time. It's time you get started!”

Japademy Teacher Akane Morioka
Akane Morioka
Osaka, Japan

“My focus is about making students have fun and stay motivated during their learning process.”

Japademy Teacher Erina Arai
Erina Arai
Yokosuka, Japan

“I've 6 years of experience teaching Japanese online lessons. I'm looking forward to helping you learn!”

Japademy Teacher Eri Nishida
Eri Nishida
Kobe, Japan

“I teach Japanese from beginner to advanced levels. Language learning is about having fun!”

Japademy Teacher Haruka Makibatake
Haruka Makibatake
Ishikawa, Japan

“I focus on daily conversations, grammar and JLPT exam preparation. Let’s learn Japanese together.”

Japademy Teacher Mai Uebo
Mai Uebo
Wakayama, Japan

“I've 8 years of experience teaching Japanese in Singapore and Japan. Now, I enjoy teaching at Japademy!”

Japademy Teacher Yumiko Minagishi
Yumiko Minagishi
Melbourne, Australia

“I am a reliable and love teaching! Also, I have a Japanese culture workshop 'Origami and Calligraphy'.”

Japademy Teacher Yuuka Sasaki
Yuuka Sasaki
Taipei, Taiwan

“I've taught Japanese to people from the ages of 4 to over 60 years old. I look forward to learning together.”

Japademy Teacher Toshie Kijima
Toshie Kijima
Toronto, Canada

“I offer tailored instruction to help students overcome language barriers and build a strong foundation.”


Convenient payment methods available

Early-bird price
Enrol before August 18th
General price
Enrol between August 18th and August 31st
Early-bird price
Enrol before August 18th
General price
Enrol between August 18th and August 31st

japanese course reviews

Course reviews

Melissa Manickam

5 stars review
Japademy is perfect for beginners!!
"I’ve never been able to fast track my learning so well than with Japademy’s classes. Learning apps and online videos don’t nearly help you fast track as much as her interactive live classes."
4 days ago

Ignácio Correia

4 stars review
Better than Duolingo for learning Japanese...
"After trying to learn Japanese using Duolingo for a few months, I noticed that I wasn't really learning. Once I came across Japademy, I was excited about learning as many things as they claim for a 10 weeks course. After completing it, I can say the course really covers all the topics it mentions, which is great but at the same time means the speed of learning is much higher than what I was expecting. Anyways, I recommend it!"
23 days ago

Johnathan Booy

5 stars review
Impressed with my Japanese learning
"I decided to give it a go learning Japanese with Japademy after a friend of me recommended it. I just completed the level 1 of the 10 weeks Japanese course and I can confidently say that I'm impressed with what I learned so far. Definitely I will be signing up for the next level!"
1 month ago

Alejandra Niño

5 stars review
I love how much I have learned!
"I have completed 2 courses so far with Japademy and I’m about the start the third one. I’ve gone from absolutely beginner (knowing nothing at all) to learning all hiragana, katakana and learning lots of important vocabulary as preparation for my future trip to Japan."
7 days ago


5 stars review
Highly recommended for those who want to learn Japanese!
"Japademy has great classes and teachers! The material is great for traveling, especially. All the lessons have taught me how to properly communicate with Japanese people. The teachers are interactive, and very kind! They are enthusiastic to answer any questions. It is very immersive and gives all students chances to practice pronunciation."
2 months ago


5 stars review
Kanami-san is an amazing instructor!
"I’ve never been able to fast track my learning so well than with Japademy’s classes. Learning apps and online videos don’t nearly help you fast track as much as her interactive live classes."
1 month ago

Frequently asked questions

How do the Japanese courses for foreign employees work?

Our 5-week Japanese courses for foreign employees feature two live online lessons per week, each lasting 105 minutes. Our native Japanese teachers follow a structured approach, introducing new topics and grammar in each lesson. Employees then have ample opportunity to practice and solidify their understanding throughout the class.

Do you offer placement tests to determine the appropriate course for my company employees?

Yes, we do!  We provide your company with an online placement test that your employees can complete in just 10-15 minutes. They'll receive immediate results to determine the most suitable course level.

How many participants are typically in each online lesson?

Each course typically has only 4-6 participants, allowing us to deliver a personalized and tailored learning experience. This sets us apart from other programs with larger class sizes.

What is the deadline for my company to pre-enrol employees?

For our upcoming intake, your company should complete pre-enrolment by August 1st. Payment can be completed before August 19th to receive our Early-bird discount. The last date for payment is on August 31st.

Will my company employees learn with a native Japanese teacher?

Absolutely! All our Japanese teachers are native speakers and fully certified as professional Japanese language instructors. This sets us apart from other learning platforms where teachers may be native speakers but lack formal teaching qualifications.

How many hours a week do my company employees need to dedicate to the course?

In addition to the two weekly 105-minute live lessons, we recommend that employees dedicate at least an additional 90 minutes per week to independent study. We provide access to vocabulary flashcards and video lessons to help them review material covered in the live sessions.

What payment methods do you accept for employee enrolment?

We offer several convenient payment options. You can pay via credit/debit card through Stripe on our website, or through direct transfer using PayPal or Wise. We send you an invoice for payment in USD or JPY, based on your preference.

Are there any additional costs, such as for books and other materials?

Not at all. We provide employees with exclusive Japanese learning material created by our native Japanese teachers. As a partner, your company doesn't need to purchase any books nor pay for the materials we provide your employees with.

How often will my company receive progress reports on my company employees' performance?

Upon course completion, your company will receive via email a progress report, including company employee attendance, lessons completion, course assessment scores, and teacher feedback.

Does my company have to sign a long-term contract?

Not at all. We don't force your company to over commit to long-term contracts. We understand your company's goals and workforce are dynamic. This also drives us to deliver the best value to your company in order to deserve a healthy long-term partnership.

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