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We offer the best-value Japanese online group lessons

Discover the Japanese culture and learn with native instructors. Ask questions, practice with other students and enjoy learning.
Beginner Friendly
We are starting our Online Group Lessons with Beginners who have never studied Japanese before or have very limited knowledge.
10-Weeks Program
Each level takes 10 lessons, once a week, 105-min duration per lesson. We run our lessons usually on weekdays afternoons and Saturdays.
Japanese Teachers
Our experienced and friendly Japanese native teachers develop lessons targeted to support your learning experience.
Effective Learning
We keep our groups small between 3 and 5 students to guarantee maximum learning engagement.

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Our online group lessons fill up pretty quickly as we purposefully limit class sizes to max. 5 students to ensure a personal learning experience.
Beginner 3 Level
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Wednesdays 路 7.30pm~9.15pm (Eastern time)
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$219 USD
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Beginner 3 Level
馃榾 3/5 seats left
Wednesdays 路 7.30pm~9.15pm (Eastern time)
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$299 CAD
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Join our online lessons to learn and practise with other students

We think it's vital to have a personalized learning experience and we purposefully limit class sizes to 4 students. Keeping class sizes small, ensures we can cover all the level content in time.
Japademy Japanese Online Group Lessons

Learn from the most qualified Japanese instructors

We count with a group of professional and friendly Japanese teachers located worldwide and ready to help you mastering the language.
Kanami Iwasaki, Japademy Founder
Kanami Iwasaki
Based in Toronto, CA
Haruka Makibatake, Japademy Teacher
Haruka Maki
Based in Ishikawa, JP
Akane Morioka, Japademy Teacher
Akane Morioka
Based in Osaka, JP
Yuuka Sasaki, Japademy Teacher
Yuuka Sasaki
Based in Taipei, TW
Mai Uebo, Japademy Teacher
Mai Uebo
Based in Wakayama, JP
Toshie Kishima, Japademy Teacher
Toshie Kijima
Based in Toronto, CA

Learn with a structured path built to give you solid foundations

We have researched many different Japanese teaching methods and learning material to develop our own curriculum maximizing learning outcomes.
Week 1: Learn classroom expressions & Introducing yourself in Japanese
Week 2: Positive & Negative sentences and questions & Using the銆屻倐銆(Also) particle
Week 3: How to count numbers (1 to 100) & Talking about people鈥檚 age
Week 4: Referring to objects in different locations (koko/soko/asoko)
Week 5: 聽Learn how to categorize objects & Talking about people鈥檚 objects
Week 6: Referring to different locations & Location of objects or people
Week 7: Counting big numbers & Talking about the price of objects
Week 8: Asking for and Giving the time & The days of the week
Week 9: Using the銆屻亱銈夈(Kara) ~銆屻伨銇с(Made) particles & Sentences with the verbs - to wake up / to sleep
Week 10: Using the 鈥渇rom ~ until鈥 + V 銇俱仚 structure & Negative sentences using verbs
馃帀 Graduation!
Week 1: Talking about dates & Learn the "to go" verb
Week 2: Explaining the detailed time of an action & Going by a transportation method
Week 3: Talking about people by their name & Learn the銆屻仺銆(With) particle
Week 4: Learn commonly used verbs and nouns
Week 5: 聽Learn the銆屻倰銆(Object marker) particle
Week 6: Learn the銆屻仹銆(Place of action) particle & How to invite someone to do something
Week 7: Learn the銆屻仹銆(By means of, using) particle & To give / To receive something using basic verbs
Week 8: To give / To receive something using other verbs & Explaining actions that have been already done
Week 9: Learn commonly used adjectives & The negative form of adjectives
Week 10: Learn the "what kind of" expression
馃帀 Graduation!
Week 1: Express things you like / dislike & Learn the "what kind of" expression
Week 2: Talk about thing you are good at/ bad at & Explaining the detailed time of an action
Week 3: Things you understand / don鈥檛 understand & Things you have / don鈥檛 have
Week 4: Explain the reasons for something & The location of something or someone
Week 5: Explain the position of objects & Counters for objects / people
Week 6: Talking about your family tree & Counters for time & Using the 鈥渉ow long鈥 expression & Talking about 鈥淗ow long it takes鈥
Week 7: Learning useful adjectives & Using adjectives in past tense
Week 8: Comparing things / people & Comparing among three or more items
Week 9: Talking about what a person wants and wants to do
Week 10: Talking about the purpose of going to a specific place
馃帀 Graduation!

Immerse yourself in a complete Japanese learning experience

Mastering the Japanese language happens during the lessons but also before and after. That is why we provide you with additional content to help you practice on your own time.
105 Minutes
Learning Slides
Audio Practice

Speed up your learning with free online video courses

As an enrolled student, you also receive free access to our online video courses. These are super useful to help you practice on your own time.

Get a certificate of completion for every level to showcase your skills

Our certificates are sent to you via email in PDF format and have a Certificate number to validate its authenticity.
Japanese Course Completion Certificate

Hundreds of students love and recommend our lessons

Whether you want to learn Japanese for traveling, for working or even for understanding anime, we help you achieve your goals.
Nicolas Mesa
Miami, US
Japademy is a great place to learn Japanese! After 6 of 12 lessons, I definitely feel like I'm learning pretty quickly.
Erina Kuniski
New Jersey, US
Great communication. Good slides, easy manner, and very helpful. I would highly recommend Japademy.
Kevin Cheek
Vancouver, CA
The teacher had a lesson plan which we followed and a flashcard, and a board behind her, just as a regular classroom, only at home!
Corina Silva
Melbourne, AU
Japademy has created a wonderful space to learn the Japanese language. The teachers are very friendly and patient.
Rachel Yang
Seattle, US
I've used apps like Duolingo to learn before but found that nothing stuck. Kanami provides a curriculum that not only gets the students to participate but is also fun.
Jonathan Reid
Sydney, AU
The teachers knowledgeable, professional, and understanding, and their lessons are interesting and well-planned.

Japademy offers top-value courses and learning material

We are natively digital. This means we rely on modern ways to teach the Japanese language, making us cost-efficient and much more engaging than traditional schools.
Course Fee
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$450 USD
Enrollment Fee
$85 USD
Materials Fee
$20 USD
Number of Lessons
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Avg. Learning Cost
Small Groups (max 5 pp)
Video Courses
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