The Best Websites to Find Job in Japan as a Foreigner

March 23, 2023

If you are planning to live in Japan, in this article we will help you discover the 6 best websites for foreigners to find jobs in Japan. From English teaching positions to Software Engineering, we have you covered.

If you have experience in teaching or education and want to live and work in Japan, becoming an English language teacher in Japan may be an excellent option for you. However, if the teaching profession is not for you, you will need to look for another job in Japan. Fortunately, you can search for work in Japan as a foreigner on several websites.


Finding Job in Japan
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Moving to Japan as a foreigner can be tricky and daunting and even more so is finding a job in Japan as a foreigner. The reason for this is that a lot of Japanese companies favor hiring Japanese citizens or permanent residents. As a result, a lot of foreigners choose to work as English teachers in Japan because doing so ensures they will have access to a working visa and a position that doesn't really require them to speak Japanese. In reality, this is how many foreigners who work in Japan begin their careers. They work as conversation partners, assistant language teachers, or English teachers before moving on to other jobs.

In this article, we will provide you with 6 websites that we think are the best in helping foreigners to find jobs in Japan. Let’s get into it!

1. Japan Dev

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If you’re looking for tech jobs in Japan, Japan Dev is perfect for you. It is a job board that showcases technology jobs in Japan. Here, you will find hand-curated jobs at modern companies that are hiring. Most jobs listed here are for software developers and programmers. There are also job listings for designers and product managers.

We love this website because they make a great effort in getting some of the greatest Japanese companies in the Tech Industry to list their job openings on the site. In addition, this website is simple to use, and it allows you to explore different Tech Companies. Furthermore, they make sure that the jobs listed are aimed at foreigners. In some cases, the jobs don’t require the need of speaking Japanese at all. Overall, Japan Dev is a great option for people who work in Software, Design, and Product Management.

Visit official website:

2. Jobs in Japan

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Jobs in Japan has been a useful website for foreigners working in Japan and those who are finding jobs in Japan. What is great about this website is they have constantly updated jobs in all industries. In addition, their goal is usefulness for job seekers. Therefore, they provide the widest selection of employment opportunities online,  including consultant, manager, and research positions. 

We love this website because it offers full-time and part-time job listings. They also even have job listings that don’t require you to speak Japanese such as teaching positions. If you are not into teaching or don’t want to have any previously mentioned position, don’t worry because there are still a lot of job listings that you can find on this website!

Visit official website:

3. WeXpats Jobs

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WeXpats Job is a job-hunting website. It focuses on helping foreigners get employment in Japan. This website has arguably the largest job pool for foreigners in Japan, with over 30,000 positions available. Furthermore, this website offers job occupations including IT engineer, Agricultural jobs, Restaurant jobs, Office work, Cleaning, English teaching, Factory and Manufacturing, Trade business, and so much more!

What we love about WeXpats Jobs is that it supports 11 languages. You can use this website in 11 different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese! So, if one of these languages is your native language, it will be much easier for you to understand, navigate, and find a job on this website. In addition, they also offer job consultations where job consultants will support you from the job search to checking your resume and preparing for Japanese interviews. 

Visit official website:

4. GaijinPot Jobs

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GaijinPot Jobs is a popular website for foreigners looking for jobs in Japan. Along with helping with job searches, they also provide a wide range of other services such as travel guides, Japanese studying, and apartment renting assistance. On this website, you can search for jobs from different angles such as English level, Japanese level, other language levels, functions, and industries. Additionally, you have a variety of working styles to select from. Among these is employment that is full- or part-time, remote, involves teaching, and many more.

What we love about GaijinPot Jobs is that it has a large database of job listings including internships and volunteer opportunities. In addition, there are some jobs that you can apply for even if you’re not in Japan yet. It is particularly helpful for you if you’re thinking of moving to Japan for the first time!

Visit official website:

5. YOLO Japan

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YOLO Japan is a job search site for foreigners who want to work in Japan. Additionally, they provide a wide range of other services, such as SIM cards providing, medical assistance, and rental property assistance, to support foreigners living in Japan in their day-to-day activities. Also, they provide a variety of jobs that foreigners can enjoy, including full-time, part-time, survey, influencer, and many more!

What we love about YOLO Japan is that it supports 6 languages. Japanese is not required for registration or the interview, making it simple for you to look for a job. Another thing that we love about this website is that it has a lot of temporary or one-time jobs where you can make some pocket money. You can get compensated by simply participating in a questionnaire, interview, or taste testing!

Visit official website:


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Image taken from is specifically geared towards foreign job seekers in Japan that offer over 10,000 active jobs. It has a wide range of job listings in various industries, including IT, finance, and marketing. Moreover, it offers you the chance to apply for a Japanese company with offices in foreign countries. An example of this is that you can apply for a certain position in a Japanese company branch in the United States. 

What we love about is that it has a range of varied and exciting opportunities for foreigners to use their language skills in a professional setting. In addition, with its many available positions, we love how it assures foreigners looking for jobs in Japan that more than one opportunity is available for them to work in Japan. This website is perfect for those who are looking for jobs that match their skills, experience, and language skills.

Visit official website:

About Finding Jobs in Japan

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As we have previously said, finding a job as a foreigner in Japan can be very challenging especially if you have no idea where to start. Therefore, it is important for you to know that there are services such as the 6 websites mentioned above that can help you and provide good information to make it easier for you to find the ideal job for you in Japan. Keep also in mind that finding a job in Japan may take some time and may require applying to a large number of jobs. So, you have to be persistent and keep looking for opportunities until you find the right fit for you. 

In addition to this, make sure to also check with local staffing agencies and recruiters. Doing this will make your chances of finding a job in Japan higher because they may have access to job opportunities that are not advertised online. Lastly, networking and building connections in the industry you are interested in can also be a helpful way to find job opportunities in Japan. Lastly, of course being able to speak Japanese will dramatically increase your chances of getting better jobs in Japan. At Japademy we offer the best Online Japanese Lessons to help you reach your goals.

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