My 5 Favourite Japanese McDonalds Food

September 21, 2023
My 5 Favourite Japanese McDonalds Food

Many of us—if not all—have already eaten at one of the many McDonald's branches in our own countries. McDonald's offers excellent meals at a reasonably good price. It has one of the best fries ever! In this article, discover my 5 favourite Japanese McDonalds Food.

McDonald's is the largest fast-food chain worldwide. It began in the United States of America in 1950. Then, it quickly rose to fame and ranked among the top fast food companies in both America and many other countries!. However, did you know that each country, including Japan, has a unique system for tailoring the McDonald's menu to the tastes of its citizens? Yes, that’s right! So, if you visit a McDonald's branch in Japan, you will certainly find some regional specialties incorporated into the menu items.

There is a wide selection of meals at McDonald's in Japan. If you enjoy McDonald's and will soon be traveling to or residing in Japan, be sure to stop by one of their McDonald's branches.

Here are my top 5 Japanese Maccas Menu that you can also try:

1. Teriyaki McBurger

McDonalds Teriyaki McBurger Japan
McDonald's Teriyaki Burger (source: McDonald's Japan)

The Teriyaki McBurger is one of the unusual foods you'll encounter in Japan. Every time I visit a McDonald's in Japan, I always order this. This burger has a pork patty and is topped with mouthwatering teriyaki sauce. By imitating the same sweet soy sauce glaze used in classic teriyaki dishes, it is intended to appeal to local tastes. In 1988, the Teriyaki McBurger was introduced. It has long been a standard on Japanese menus. It's a must-try!

2. Chicken Tatsuta

McDonalds Chicken Tatsuta Japan
McDonald's Chicken Tatsuta (source: McDonald's Japan)

In February 1992, McDonald’s Japan introduced Chicken Tatsuta as a regular menu item. But as of February 2004, it is no longer available. Following that, it has been available for a brief period at McDonald's in Japan from September 2009.  Chicken Tatsuta includes very soft and fluffy buns, cabbage, mayo, ginger, and soy sauce-flavored chicken patty. If you enjoy Kara-age, you must have Chicken Tatsuta as well!

3. Gurakoro Burger

McDonalds Gurakoro McBurger Japan
McDonald's Gurakoro Burger (source: McDonald's Japan)

In 1993, McDonald's Japan introduced the first Gurakoro Burger. Since then, they have come back each winter. The Gurakoro Burgers are well-known for their combination of the Gurakoro patty—which is made of cream ebi, cabbage, a special korokke sauce, and an egg sauce—in between a toasted bun. Gurakoro Burgers are only offered in the winter. They have a crunchy exterior and a melty interior. I like them because of this!

4. Sankaku Choc Pie

McDonalds Sankaku Choc Pie Japan
McDonald's Sankaku Choc Pie (source: McDonald's Japan)

The Sankaku Chocolate Pie is offered for a brief period only. The interior is delicious chocolate with ground almonds, hidden inside the crunchy exterior. Because the crumbs will spread out, eating it is really messy. In order to prevent it from getting on your clothes or lap, be careful to eat it carefully. 

5. Shaka Shaka Chicken

McDonalds Shaka Shaka Chicken Japan
McDonald's Shaka Shaka Chicken (source: McDonald's Japan)

The Shaka Shaka Chicken is provided in a paper pouch that has been folded over and has simple step-by-step pictures. There are some English words mixed in, so don't worry if you become confused. You must shake the chicken bag with the spice inside to prepare it for eating. The chicken is extremely juicy and delicious. Plus, it's fun to eat!

Final Comments

In addition to the stunning tourist locations that Japan offers, one of the factors that attract many visitors from abroad to Japan is its food. The five items from McDonald's Japan listed above are just a sample of the numerous intriguing and distinctive foods they offer. Try one of them, and if you liked it, let us know in the comments!

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Kanami Iwasaki, Japademy Founder

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