How Japademy Offers The Best Japanese Language Course in Toronto

July 27, 2023
How Japademy Offers The Best Japanese Language Course in Toronto

Are you looking for a Japanese Language School in Toronto that offers the best Japanese language courses? Look no further, Japademy we got your back! Despite being established in 2020, Japademy has become the best Japanese language school due to its excellent courses.

In this article, we will discuss how at Japademy we offer the best Japanese language course in Toronto and the multiple factors that led our school to this achievement. Let’s get into it!

How our Japanese Lessons in Toronto Started 

Photo of Japademy Lessons in Toronto
Photo of Japademy Lessons in Toronto

Before we talk about the significant factors, let us first discuss Japademy’s history and how we were able to offer the best Japanese language course in Toronto. Japademy was established in April 2020 during the first COVID lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. Due to the increasing demand for online lessons, Japademy’s teaching staff grew, and we started creating in-house content that included slides and handouts to provide students with an easy and efficient learning experience. 

In September 2021, at Japademy we launched Japanese Video Courses on our website and Udemy to help thousands of people learn Japanese. This made Japademy the first Japanese language school to provide fully digital online access to video courses and live lessons with native Japanese teachers. After relocating to Toronto, Canada, in January 2022, Japademy started giving classroom lessons in Toronto, enjoying the live interaction between Japanese teachers and students. 

Let us now move on to the different factors of how Japademy offers the best Japanese language course in Toronto!

The best Japanese Language Course in Toronto

1) Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in the North East area of Toronto, at The Village Hive on Duncan Mill Road, North York. The site offers free parking spaces for enrolled students and is easily accessible by transit through the TCC bus. Additionally, The Village Hive Duncan Mill has everything you need for a productive learning day. It is close to many restaurants and coffee shops at York Mills.

2) Japanese Teachers

Japademy’s founder and teacher teaching Japanese to students
Japademy’s founder and teacher teaching Japanese to students

Japademy has an exceptional group of Japanese Language Teachers. All of our teachers are native Japanese with teaching qualifications and at least three years of experience. Aside from being highly experienced in teaching, our teachers are very friendly, and work together to provide practical and easy learning experiences to their students. Because of their qualifications in teaching Japanese, students at Japademy are ensured to have high-quality and effective Japanese education.

3) Teaching Methodology

Japademy has an effective teaching methodology. Our teachers follow a structured curriculum wherein students are introduced to a new topic or grammar in each lesson. With this teaching methodology, students have the chance to master new topics or grammar by practicing them with the teachers. Japademy’s teaching methodology not just helps students learn Japanese but also helps them know about the cultural aspects of Japan. 

4) Teaching Style

Japademy’s teaching style combines the experience of our Japanese teachers with modern content. First, our lessons start with a mix of spoken Japanese and English which gradually turns into Japanese only as students progress. This is particularly helpful for students who do not know any Japanese words when they’re first learning, which will help them get the hang of the language. Additionally, we provide situation-based exercises. This will help students communicate in various everyday real-life situations and scenarios.


Moreover, at Japademy we teach a variety of practical vocabulary to students to help them communicate with native Japanese speakers. Lastly, Japademy is also into cultural emphasis. We love helping students learn about Japanese culture and customs to make their language learning journey even more exciting.

5) Pricing 

Compared to other Japanese language schools in Toronto, Japademy is definitely a more cost-effective and best-value choice. For our Japanese lessons in Toronto, which are conducted in person, the total price is $429 CAD. If you’re lucky enough to enrol at the right time, you might be able to even get a discount! 

6) Class Sizes

Regarding class sizes, we keep our groups small, between 4 to 8 students. This is to guarantee students maximum learning engagement. Japademy’s small class sizes provide a range of benefits to both students and Japanese teachers. With a small class size, our Japanese teachers can provide students with more personalized attention and additional help. Small class sizes will also enable our students to connect more closely with other students and become more confident and comfortable when sharing their language learning journey.

7) Benefits

Learning Japanese with Japademy has various benefits that students can use to enhance and showcase their Japanese skills. At Japademy we know that mastering Japanese also happens before and after every lesson. We provide students with additional content to help them practice independently. Content such as 105-minute lectures, learning slides, audio practice, learning handouts, and practice flashcards are what you can expect from us. 

Aside from these additional learning materials, we also provide certificates of completion to students for every level they complete. This helps students to showcase their Japanese skills and boost their motivation. Japademy’s completion certificates are emailed to our students in PDF format and have a certificate number to validate their authenticity!

8) Video Courses

Japademy’s video courses are one of the factors that made Japademy offer the best Japanese course in Toronto. Our Japanese Video Courses are based on our awarded curriculum, allowing students to learn on any device. Our video courses are friendly and engaging. Their short and understandable videos help students embrace the Japanese learning experience. Additionally, these videos offer comprehensive learning to students because these are ideal for learning how to speak, read, and write in Japanese.

Final Thoughts

Japademy students during Japanese language lesson
Japademy students during Japanese language lesson

Above, we have discussed Japademy’s story and how we have become the preferred option for people in Toronto who want to learn Japanese. Our convenient location, exceptional Japanese teachers, effective teaching methodology and teaching style, and cost-effectiveness has been very much appreciated by our students.

As a student learning Japanese, these factors are all incredibly significant in your learning journey and you should definitely consider when choosing the right Japanese language school for you so you will get the most out of what you’re paying for and ensure that you will get a high-quality and effective Japanese language education.

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Kanami Iwasaki, Japademy Founder

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