Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Japan

September 21, 2023
Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Japan

There is no denying that Japan is a popular destination on many people's bucket lists! And while it is well-known that visitors can enjoy Japan's wonderful culture, magnificent wildlife, and the distinctive experiences it offers, there are many other things that make Japan definitely unique that are not usually known by many people.

Japan is a well-liked tourist destination, known for its beautiful temples, delectable cuisine, and lively city centers. In this article, we will tell you 5 facts that make Japan special and that you probably didn’t know yet about Japan.

1. The average delay of Japanese trains is just 18 seconds

Japanese Train during spring
Japanese Train during spring (source: livejapan.com)

In Japan, railways are one of the primary modes of passenger transportation. As we previously stated in our article titled "5 Tips You Need To Know When Riding Japanese Trains", punctuality is a trademark of the Japanese rail system. Japanese trains are some of the world's most punctual, and in 2007, the average delay for their 320-mile route was just 18 seconds!

2. Everyone has their own seal

Collection of Japanese Hanko seals (source: rickshowtravel.co.uk)

In Japan, handwritten signatures are frequently substituted by personal seals. They are known as "Hanko" seals. A Hanko is a carved stamp that can be used in any case where a person, or a person acting on behalf of a company, might use a signature or initials. People frequently use their Hanko for signing contracts, conducting banking transactions, and receiving parcels, among other things. The need for a Hanko and even the type Hanko can, however, change depending on the circumstance. Recently, there has been a push to stop using personal seals. However, it continues to play a significant role in Japanese culture today.

3. Around 70% of Japan is made up of forests and mountains

Japanese Forest
Japanese Forest (source: imatabi.jp)

Japan is a truly amazing country to explore because mountains and forests cover about 70% of the country. Honshu's central area is home to a large number of mountains that rise higher than 3,000 meters. It's referred to as "the roof of Japan." The collision of the continental crust of Asia with the Pacific oceanic crust created the majority of the mountains in Japan. The land mass was lifted as a result of this movement, giving rise to the Japan of today!

Over 100 active volcanoes can be found in the hilly topography of Japan. Popular mountains like Mount Fuji, Mount Aso, and Sakurajima are just a few of these. About 10% of the world's active volcanoes are represented by that number! Japan is the greatest place for you if you are an adrenaline junkie who enjoys climbing volcanoes!

4. The traditional Christmas meal is KFC

KFC Christmas Meal in Japan
KFC Christmas Meal in Japan (source: neotokyo2099.com)

In Japan, Christmas is not recognized as an official holiday. It's because there aren't many Christians in the population. However, many people continue to celebrate it and they have a Christmas tradition that you might not expect!

In Japan, it is the tradition to go to your nearest KFC branch and have a "KFC Christmas dinner." Long hours of waiting should be expected during these periods. Many people even place their orders weeks in advance to ensure they may enjoy their traditional Christmas meal. According to estimates, 3.6 million Japanese individuals participate in this tradition each year!

5. Japan has a word for people death from overwork

Japanese Overworked Employee
Japanese Overworked Employee (source: zangyohiroba.com)

The phenomenon that differentiates Japanese work culture has a Japanese word. It is called "karoshi". Karoshi literally translates as "death from overwork." Japan has been battling the issue of people working themselves to death for many years. Heart attacks and strokes brought on by stress and malnutrition are the most typical causes of karoshi fatalities. Karoshi can also result from mental stress at work. Because of this stress at work, employees commit suicide.

Final Words

Japanese Castle with view of Fuji Mountain
Japanese Castle with view of Fuji Mountain (source: thetrainline.com)

Travelers have been drawn to Japan since it first allowed for international trade. Japan is renowned for its variety of traditions, historical sites, and amazing cuisine. Japan is also one of the world's top centers for technology and economic development. Modern technology, trendy pop culture, and ancient gods coexist with traditional customs. When visiting Japan, there is always something new to discover. The previous 5 facts about Japan are only a handful of the many reasons why it is the ideal travel destination. This country continues to have a lot of intriguing and distinctive characteristics. Some of which you'll see and experience firsthand while exploring Japan!

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